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  • This Association is created to produce major movies in Houston, TX

  • Our target goal is to produce 5 movies a year with over 1000 actors

  • Our studio plan is to continually develop and use local movie actors

  • With 1000's of actors in our Association we will be our own industry

  • No matter your background, skill-level or talents, you can get paid

  • Our Actors Association is a perfect way to start new acting careers! 

Get Paid To Act In Our Movies!

  • We have an automated online registry system, continually working 24/7 to generate new financial accounts for our Actors Association

  • New accounts are created here naturally through visitors like you, when visitors come here and choose to become Registered Actors

  • WHY? |  Because at Houston Motion Pictures our Registered Actors make Income For LIFE!!! via .WS Global Domain Name Registration

  • ​Our actors network is all that is needed for thousands of actors to generate a continual commission, real Income For Life!

  • The best part is  ...theirs no need to say or sell a thing. It's all done for you, just click the link to register your own .WS domain name

  • Registered Actors benefit by being in our major movie productions, Houston studio, tv shows, videos and monthly commission paychecks

  • ​"No Kidding Around!" our system is simple and it works flawlessly, you can make real Income For Life, starting right now!!!

  • ​Simply register your own .ws account via our Actors Association, give us (3) three months to build your Income For Life!!!

  • God Bless, and your welcome!    |     Want to LEARN MORE >>

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