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About me

Mechele Lannette

Mechele is one of the most insightful and professional talents we've ever worked with. Her gifts go beyond pure beauty and looks. Mechele has a mind for business and knowledge in trading on the Forex financial exchange market.


Also a professional stylist, business manager and young owner of her own Hair Salon. Mechele doesn't mind teaching others from her early life experiences. You will find Mechele working at her Salon in Houston with many hair models and clients.


Mechele loves acting and being in front of people, she is very comfortable speaking intellectual thoughts or following a movie script. A true to life spirit and honest opinion is what you will find when you meet Mechele Lannette.

Htown Motion Pictures is proud to have Mechele Lannette on our team. She is one of our leaders and dedicated members. Mechelle is dependable and always on time. A representative of what we need and want in everyone who comes into our industry. We look forward to making Mechelle a superstar, a person who is appreciated, recognized and adored by many.


Let her know how special she is to all of us in Htown, give her a warm welcome and let Mechele know that you support her career as an actor, leader and powerful female - business owner. 

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