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Billboards, Posters, Slogans, Campaigns!


We build and promote your talents by increasing your exposure:

Web & Mobile Site Management

Convert visitors into more sales by

having the best Website and landing

pages. What does your site look like?

Get a Million-Dollar Website!

Social Media Management

Do more performances, let us handle

your Social Media. We get you more

followers, likes, viewers and activity. 

Get Super Social!

SEO Optimization Services

Get found on the Web with SEO,

Search Engine Optimization. Place your brand in the top marketing position.  

Get Found Faster!

Name Branding

Your video and photo Campaign

is all about promoting your name.

Build a long-lasting name brand.

Brand Your Name!

Act Like You Know

Get the most out of your personality.

Learn to act better with others, and

vibe together on movie sets.

Acting Practice!

Representation, recognition & Awards

If your goal is to work hard and never 

be recognized or awarded, we can't 

help you. But if you want the credit.

Get Award Nominations!

Graphic Design

Customize your Logo, Name, Image

and make it all yours. Build a brand

with a custom logo on shirts & hats.

Get Custom Graphics!

HMP Houston Motion Pictures

A 23,000 sf. Movie production studio

warehouse building on 9-acres of land.

Get access to our production studio.

Get Studio Access!

Magazine Subscription AUTO

Every new membership comes with a

magazine subscription. Where you will 

be featured from time to time.

Get the Magazine!


Video Production 4K

Lights, Cameras, Action! Get 4K Video

Productions for all your needs. We 

hold the cameras steady as you go!

Brand Your Name!

Music Production WAVE

Get the most out of your personality.

Learn to act better with others, and

vibe together on movie sets.

Acting Practice!

Monthly Photoshoots

Every month for 12-months you will be 

scheduled a new photoshoot to boost

your images and online content.

Get Photography!

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Our Mission

is to take over the motion picture industry in Houston by building our own Houston Motion Pictures Studio with 1000 actors and talents.

Our Vision

is to change the world by placing Houston talents and entertainers at the top of the movie and entertainment industry from our studio. 

Our Purpose

is to organize and unite Houston actors, artists, models and talents to get productions made faster with less money and effort.

Houston Motion Pictures is an all-in-one media productions studio club in Houston, TX with 23,000 sf. of studio production space. We bring 1000's of Houston talents and actors together on the big screen and main stages worldwide. We create movies, TV-shows, commercials, animations, concerts, music, videos and stage plays. Our members work in Houston to make a worldwide career. Let us build up your brand name and image, by putting our team, engine in motion for you. Everlasting Career!


We BrandU.

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We BrandU.

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