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  • Our vision is to transition the Jumping Park into our Movie Studio

  • As an independent movie studio we have over 23,000 sf. of room

  • We have 6 acres of Land to shoot scenes and have annual festivals

  • We have a main stage, dance club and movie manufacturing facility

  • We Bar-B-Que, sell food, merchandise, host private parties, plus

  • Advertise for commercial businesses, retail stores, national brands

  • Produce movies, photos, commercials, weddings, music and videos

  • Registered Actors in our Association start to make money monthly   

We Are Houston's Major Motion Pictures Studio, with room for 1000's of Actors!

  • The Actors Association is the HEART and SOUL of our studio club

  • Without dedicated people we cannot meet our production goals

  • Our studio plan is quality, speed with the best actors and talents

  • We host classes on acting, finance, real-estate and marketing

  • We have podcasting and news rooms, sets and props for shooting

  • We host annual recognition awards for actors and music artists

  • We do seasonal modeling shows, monthly catwalks and photoshoots

  • We create theater productions, staged plays and music concerts

  • We have script writers, table readings, rehearsals and practices

  • We host regular casting calls for registered actors, to fill scripts

  • We have a music production studio, sound room and editing suite

  • We manage dancers, comedians and all other talents in Houston

  • We rent limousines, mansion homes and luxury locations for shoots

  • We also have a workout facility for cross-fit, training and exercise

  • We advertise, promote brands and sponsors and grow businesses

  • We are a studio production club for hundreds of actors and talents

  • We put movies and shows on Amazon and other national outlets    

Houston Motion Pictures Studio